LizLiz is a student of genealogy with 15 years of genealogy research experience.   She has been mentored by Linda, her mother since she was 10 years old.

As a young girl, she would help her mom complete obituary lookups in the library.  Liz loved going to the cemetery to take photos of the tombstones, for the RAOGK requests her mother would receive.  This led to her being “bitten” by the genealogy bug, hence the team’s nickname genealogy bugs.  

Liz has recently found out one of her ancestors was a Hessian deserter, which has her scouring the old tax records for her ancestor.  She enjoys transcribing documents, especially land records and wills.  She recently commented, after finding a transcribed will for one of her ancestors, “this isn’t good enough, I need the original will, so I can transcribe it myself.”  A proud moment for her mom and mentor, knowing the GPS is being instilled in the next generation.

Liz holds a BA degree in Criminal Justice from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. She graduated in 2019.