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Below are some of my presentations 

Genealogists Favorite

Google My Maps” Visualizing Your Ancestors’ Lives

Part of the Google app package, Google My Maps gives us a way to visualize our ancestors’ lives, from migration patterns, cemetery locations, trip planning, to helping decide if documents and facts, are really plausible for an ancestor. Learn the basic features of Google My Maps, and start visualizing your ancestors.


Other Webinars

Analyzing Pre 1850 Census Records: Turning Tick Marks into People

Learn how to easily analyze those pesky tick marks, give them names, and formulate a plan to fill in the gaps. Bonus for attending the webinar: the automated Excel worksheet to get you started.   

Abstracts, Extracts and Transcriptions, Oh My!

An introduction to the purpose of Abstracts, Extracts, and Transcriptions, learn the difference between the three, why it is important to create one for your documents, and discover industry standards so others can read and understand your document. 

Technology to the Rescue: Tools Every Genealogist Needs in Their Tool Box

Attendee will learn how to work smarter, not harder with free tools from programs to extensions, to built in features from their operating system. These tools help with organization, research, writing, plotting land deeds, as well as abstracting, extracting and transcribing records. There is something for everyone, and who doesn’t love FREE?!?!  

When You Don’t Sync: Tracking Documents Between Online Trees and Desktop Software

Keeping up with the enormous amounts of documents and images from Ancestry and other online databases can become overwhelming. Use this simple but effective process to see at a glance what you have downloaded or added to a software program that doesn’t sync. Now you can visually see where you are in your research on each person’s profile.  

Digital Organization: Making Your PC Work for You

Discover the power of your pc. We have downloaded all these files, but they are all over the place.  Corral those digital files, by learning how to file electronically, and put your finger on any document in seconds.  profile